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Speaker Series

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Civic Engagement for Youth, 3rd to 5th Graders

Learn about current events, local government, the importance of civic engagement, voting, using your voice and more! Presented by SP High School Senior Anna Dunville.

PAST - May 10 7:30PM

Care First Presents their 2021-22 Budget Proposal

Join Care First South Pasadena to learn more about their 2021-22 budget proposal for city hall.

PAST - April 8, 2021

Bringing CAHOOTS to South Pasadena and Neighboring Cities

Crisis Assistance Helping Out on the Streets (CAHOOTS) is mobile crisis response team in Eugene, Oregon. They respond to mental health, substance use, and homelessness related calls for service instead of police.

Now, teams based on this model may be coming to cities in the West San Gabriel Valley. Care First South Pasadena will examine the prospects for such a program in local cities in an upcoming free webinar featuring Ben Adam Climer, former CAHOOTS Team Crisis Counselor.


The April 8 webinar comes as South Pasadena and other local cities are preparing their budgets for fiscal year 2021-22 and as municipalities across the nation are striving to reimagine public safety and eliminate needless use of police force.

PAST - March 11, 2021

Effective City Council Oversight of Police Departments

Veteran San Francisco Bay Area police affairs attorney Jerry Threet will join Care First South Pasadena to share a lifetime of knowledge regarding how city councils, particularly in general law cities like South Pasadena, can better oversee police departments. Threet formed the first police oversight agency in Sonoma County after sheriffs shot and killed a 13-year-old boy during a welfare check. The shooting eventually cost the county $3 million. Threet will address how locally elected officials can reform police budgets to enhance delivery of social services, eliminate bias, ensure use of force policies are followed, and eliminate bloat and ineffective use of taxpayer money by police in order to maximize services to residents to ensure community peace and safety.

PAST - March 1, 2021

Care First General Community Meeting

Care First South Pasadena is holding a general membership and community meeting at 7:30 p.m., Monday, March 1, for all those interested in its work.

We’re interested in fun too, so come join us and you’ll be entered into our raffle during the meeting to win an extra-large pizza from Mama’s. Care First supports local businesses.

The meeting will include a brief presentation on the city’s budget, particularly for the Police Department, to gear up for the city’s upcoming 2021-22 budget process with the goal of reallocating money to fund more social services, including using social workers and medics instead of police to address homelessness and mental illness.


PAST - February 4, 2021

Policing Our Unhoused Neighbors

Featuring Shayla Myers, Housing and Community Workgroup Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles and Dr. Robin Petering of Ktown for All

A critical look at the role of policing in interfacing with unhoused members of the community.


Please join us for a virtual presentation and discussion with Treesje "Empowers" Thomas, school psychologist and specialist in adolescent mental health, and Jyoti Nanda, Associate Professor at Golden Gate University School of Law and expert on youth and the justice system.


PAST - Nov 17, 2020

Policing in Our Schools

PAST - Oct 20, 2020

Know Your Rights

Know your rights in a protest, strategies to keep each other safe, and what to do if you interact with law enforcement. 

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