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    Care First South Pasadena is a coalition of residents working to reimagine public safety and reallocate city dollars to reflect our community’s priorities. We came together in the summer of 2020 after George Floyd’s murder and amid a global pandemic with a desire for a more just and inclusive community.

    Toward this end, Care First South Pasadena works to: enhance social services, rethink public safety by developing effective alternatives to policing, and increase transparency and accountability of the South Pasadena Police Department.


    Care First’s vision for public safety includes:

  • Providing social workers and services to our neighbors experiencing homelessness and mental health conditions; 

  • Developing and preserving affordable housing in South Pasadena;

  • Adopting strategies to minimize the threat of lethal force in police interventions; and

  • Furthering economic and social justice in city policies and operations. 


    Care First South Pasadena is pushing for increased community participation and transparency regarding the Police Department’s budget, policies, practices, and community relations.  With more transparency, community stakeholders will be empowered to meaningfully weigh in on city budgeting decisions that often fall short of meeting our human services goals.

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