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In a historic step, South Pasadena passes resolution condemning its Sundown Town past


In a resolution championed by Care First and other local justice groups, the South Pasadena City Council recognizes and commits to remedy prejudicial policies made specifically against black, hispanic and asian minority groups.

Care First presents their 2021-22 Budget Proposal to City Hall

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Care First South Pasadena introduced a series of proposals for South Pasadena’s upcoming fiscal year 2021–2022 budget to support a racially and economically inclusive future for all residents and an improved natural environment and transportation system.

Caltrans Wastes Over $23M 'Protecting' Unused Homes

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Records provided by the CHP reveal Caltrans Region 7 is paying $23.5 million to the CHP to guard 138 empty Caltrans properties along the I-170 corridor over a 13-month period. The cost far exceeds the cost of building repairs.

Care First

Public Comments

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Read Our Public Comments to the South Pasadena City Council

Speaker Series

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WATCH Care First as we present our 2021-22 Budget Proposal

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Watch Care First South Pasadena's presentation of our budget proposals for 2021-22.

Care First urges Measure H funds be used for SERVICES, not Policing

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Funneling Measure H funds to law enforcement for outreach to unhoused people in the community is the wrong approach. The purpose of outreach is to develop trust, a connection to community, and hopefully in time, a bridge to appropriate services. The purpose of policing—enforcement of laws—is at odds with those goals.

Care First Joins Local Orgs to Provide Meals and Necessities to the Unhoused

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CareFirstSP joined ARC and SPBLM to distribute meals and necessities to local homeless neighbors. This will be an ongoing effort. Contact us if you'd like to help, either as a volunteer or financially.