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Care First presents their 2021-22 Budget Proposal to City Hall

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Care First South Pasadena introduced a series of proposals for South Pasadena’s upcoming fiscal year 2021–2022 budget to support a racially and economically inclusive future for all residents and an improved natural environment and transportation system.

WATCH Care First as we present our 2021-22 Budget Proposal

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Watch Care First South Pasadena's presentation of our budget proposals for 2021-22.

Care First urges Measure H funds be used for SERVICES, not Policing

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Funneling Measure H funds to law enforcement for outreach to unhoused people in the community is the wrong approach. The purpose of outreach is to develop trust, a connection to community, and hopefully in time, a bridge to appropriate services. The purpose of policing—enforcement of laws—is at odds with those goals.

Care First Joins Local Orgs to Provide Meals and Necessities to the Unhoused

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CareFirstSP joined ARC and SPBLM to distribute meals and necessities to local homeless neighbors. This will be an ongoing effort. Contact us if you'd like to help, either as a volunteer or financially.

Speaker Series

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Care First

Public Comments

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Read Our Public Comments to the South Pasadena City Council

Police Chief Invites Hate Group to City Hall


On Sept. 26, Chief Ortiz circulated an email to a restricted group asking them to attend an event sponsored by a far-right hate group at city hall. Our request to City Council for an investigation is being conducted by an independent third party investigator.

Measure J Passes! and

Gascon wins LA DA


Measure J is a ballot measure that would amend the L.A. County Charter to require at least 10% of locally controlled revenue (about a billion dollars) to be invested into local communities and alternatives to incarceration.